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We are an events collective company
coordination | florals | design


We do it all because we know the three services align side by side for all special events. When planning the logistics of an event, a big part of it depends on the overall event and floral design. 


We produce beautiful events that tell a story


Every special event is a celebration of one's story. When planning and/or designing an event, we do our best to create something that truly reflects our clients individually in their own unique way.


We believe we've been called to create and
we strive to spread joy and light while doing so


Everything surrounding us and all its beauty tells us that everyone and everything serves a purpose in life. Creating spreadsheets, picking out flowers, envisioning unique floor plans all comes naturally to us and we absolutely love what we do. Sure, it's definitely hard work and not as glamorous as many think. We're on our feet for 12+ hours rain or shine, have sticky eucalyptus fingers for days, with lots of heavy lifting and climbing stairs, ladders, and trees... but we do it all because we love the process of 0 to 100. Seeing our clients' faces as they celebrate and walk through the space we've created is an honorable moment for us. We understand every special event is such a memorable day for our clients and to be able to take part through one or all of our services is just so incredibly awesome.